Shelves for the closet…

I am not quite done yet, but yesterday I made some good progress on making shelves for the upstairs bathroom closet

I am using up some scrap plywood from the kitchen counter project.  There will be three shelves, each 19″ wide and two will be 18″ deep.  One shelf will be 24″ deep.  Actually, there is a fourth shelf as there was one shelf in the closet prior to my project.  But it sits up really high and is barely of any use.  I’m painting it to match the others and will put it back in its original spot but I doubt it will ever get much use.

Thankfully S did all of the measuring for me.  Well, I actually measured the widths in the closet, so if there is any screw up, I am going to take all of the blame.  She only measured the wood that I was cutting.

I am re-using some Behr Semi-Gloss white for painting the shelves.  I got the first coat on last night and have started working on the second coat today.  With the scrap plywood and the old paint, the project is totally cost free, which is a good thing.

I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to go about hanging the shelves.  So we came up with the idea of using four 2″ x 4″ blocks to set the shelves down on.  And we were going to screw them into the walls of the closet, but one side of the closet is also the shower wall and I worried about hitting plumbing or disturbing the tile in the shower.  So instead of screwing them in, we’re just going to Liquid Nail them up.  S did four of them last night and this morning when I tried to move them, they were totally solid to the wall.

I really need to create a work space in the basement because I have to cut my wood in the kitchen and I have the shelves drying on top of cans on top of the washer and utility sink.  The third on is drying on a cookie rack on top of my stove.  It just seems so wrong.


The real story behind my rush to put up shelves in the bathroom

Back when we started working on the kitchen, we were doing it without having asked S’s dad, Mr. S, to come help us.  That is an unforgivable sin in the S family.  One night we were having trouble with my circular saw and as a last resort we called Mr. S for help.  He asked us what we were working on and since we couldn’t tell him what it was, we had to lieS told her dad that I was finally putting shelves in the bathroom closet, which he approved of.  The lie was not a big deal until last week when S’s parents told us they would be coming up on June 7th to bring us their old charcoal grille.  I was excited about the grille but then I got worried because Mr. S would want to see the shelves that we had lied about building.



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