My herb garden…

New addition: Rosemary

On Saturday we went to our little local garden center so that I could make some additions to my herb garden.  I’ve been a little bit more focused on the herb garden this year as a way of honoring my grandmother.  She was an herb enthusiast.  S often called my grandmother a witch (in a loving way, of course) because she knew so much about herbs and used them not only for cooking but also medicinally.  She started an herb society at a garden center in West Virginia and was key in the creation of an elaborate herb gardenat the entrance of the garden center.  When I was visiting my mother a couple of weeks ago she needed some fresh herbs for some dips that she was making and we drove up to the garden center so that she could cut her own fresh herbs.  Kind of neat, I think.

Anyway, last summer I started a small herb garden along the side of the house, near the driveway.  The best thing about this particular area of our property is that it gets pretty much full sun from dawn to dusk.  It is great for growing things.  Near the front of the house we planted some welcoming color in the form of Yarrow and Phlox, but half way back is the start of the herb garden.

 That’s the long view of the herb garden.  I took this picture at about 7:30 pm, after the sun had shifted from the front of our house to the back.  Before my new additions, I had lemon thyme, sage, curled parsley, chives and English lavender.

This is one of my new additions.  Lambs Ear.  I love lambs ear.  I cannot resist touching the fuzzy leaves.  I grew some from seed a few years ago in Dayton, Ohio, where everything grew like it was on steroids.  I don’t think the soil is quite as good here so I generally prefer to buy plants.

This is another one of my new additions.  It is called “Dark Opal Basil“.  I think I picked it for the color but then I got excited that it will be a bit more spicy than regular basil.  I love spicy food.  Can’t wait to cook with this.

 I have room left to add one or two more herbs.  I don’t know what I should add.  And for the record, I prefer to buy my herbs from the little local garden center over the garden centers at Lowes or Home Despot.  They just seem to grow better.



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  1. It should now give some of those who have the beleive that in places like this, health issues are no handdled with herbs at all. However I think herbs give the best solution to health problems.

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