Trying to fix the Florida/Michigan mess…

Once again I bring you news about the Party that wants to fix your social security system and nationalize your health care…

Yesterday the Democratssat down together to try to fix the mess they created of their primary system.  While people were saying the word “unity” a lot, there sure was a lot of bitterness and anger in people’s voices.  I just don’t see how that party can get put back together again before November.

Anyway, the Democrats came to a compromise yesterday, let us call it the Missouri MI/FL Compromise.  The good news is that Michigan and Florida will count come convention time.  Florida will have all of their delegates seated at the convention, 105 for Clinton and 67 for Obama.  However, because the states still have to bear some sort of penalty, each Florida delegate will on count three-fifths as one half of a delegate.

Michigan was a bit messier to figure out.  You see, Florida only jumped ahead because the evil state Republicans proposed moving the primary and while the Democrats tried to fight it, they couldn’t fight a Republican majority or governor.  But Michigan…  well, they acted in a dastardly manner because they were vain and wanted to count more in picking the party nominee.  And they used the “silly” argument there should be one early state that is somewhat racially mixed because Iowa and New Hampshire are not. Seemed like a good argument at the time, but then Iowa went overwhelmingly for Obama and all was well in the world.

So, in Michigan, Obama’s name wasn’t even on the ballot.  He either didn’t have it put or had it removed to punish the state.  The Michigan voters got to choose between Hillary, Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and Uncommitted.  Of course, Hillary won, but Uncommitted did get a good share of votes.  The Democrat Rules Committee decided to give Barack the votes of Uncommitted, which kind of seemed fair.  In that way, Hillary would have gotten her deserved 73 delegates and Barack would have gotten 55 delegates.  But the Committee did something weird.  They took four of Hillary’s delegates and gave them to Barack because his name wasn’t on the ballot.  The final total for Michigan: 69 Hillary 59 Barack.  And once again, at the convention, each Michigan delegate will count only as three fifths one half a delegate.

I think that taking four of Hillary’s Michigan delegates was just sort of kicking her while she was down.  And Hillary’s man at the Committee meeting, Harold Ickes, pretty much said that party unity can go to Hell when there is vote stealingObama is still going to win the nomination and he was going to do it without those four extra, 1/2 delegates.  He is still only going to win the nomination based on the choosing of the Super Delegates and trying to pretend that either Barack or Hillary is going to win the nomination through the primary is ridiculous.


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