The other closet…

I must have been in some sort of painting groove yesterday because after I finished with the bathroom closet I started on one of our hallways closets.  We have two closets in the upstairs hallway.  One is a large linen closet, which I painted a long, long time ago.  The other is a closet that is about five feet wide and two and a half feet deep.  Large and useless without shelves.  It also needed a paint job because three of its four walls were torn up and put back together for the house re-wiring. 

Because it is so big and useless the only things I store in there are our bedroom air conditioner, our vacuum and a bag of clothes that are meant to be taken to the Salvation Army.  It could hold so much more, but it needs an organizational system.


The slope in the ceiling is going to present some problems with my shelving plans.

Again, me using up old paint.  This is also a Behr Flat but the color is called Butternut Wood.  It’s the color we used for our living and dining rooms.  When we were in the store picking it out, we thought it was brown.  But once we got it up on the walls it is what I like to call Israeli Army Green.



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