Closet painter…

No, I am not revealing my secret life as painter, I was actually painting closets yesterday.  Before we moved into the house last year, we painted every room in the place except for the downstairs bathroom (which we plan to demo to the studs) and the front entry hall.  We also did not paint any of the closets.  We needed to access the closets for running electrical wires and after that was done we were too excited about unpacking to paint them. 

Some time has now passed and I have a better eye for looking at what still needs to be done in the house.  For a 107 year old house, we have a ton of closet space.  The thing is, the closets are huge but lack shelves, so they end up being useless.  So I am going to build shelves for them and then we might be able to get organized.  But before I got building shelves, I need to paint the closets.  It’s easier when they are big and empty.

This is a view of the upstairs bathroom closet door.  It looks like it will be cute and organized when you open it up…

… but it’s not that at all.  Without shelves, all of our bathroom products are just sort of tossed in there.  This makes it impossible to just find the damn cough syrup when you need it.  But the closet is huge, so there is a whole lot of room for improvement.

I’m just using up the left over bathroom paint.  It’s Behr Flat in Skysail Blue.

Oh yeah, Rummy helped me paint.  Although it is always difficult to convince her that her head is not, in fact, a paint brush.

All finished, except for the shelves.  I’m thinking I’ll put at least two shelves in, maybe three.


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  1. […] If you are interested, this is what the closet looked like before. […]

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