The long weekend, part two…

There is a new obsession here in the Renovations household.  It started a couple of years ago when we played a game at S’s parents house.  We thought about the game a lot and then finally asked S’s dad, Mr. S, to make the game for us, which he did and gave it to us at Christmas.  The weather has not been favorable for playing the game… until now.  Yes, we are a Cornholing household.  We love the Cornhole.  We are Cornhole obsessed.

 Sure, it sounds sort of dirty, but it’s really just bean bag tossing for adults.  You can buy sets for $100 bucks, but Mr. S made ours in his little workshop.  It is a Steelers theme, of course.

This is not an easy game.  The boxes are 27 feet apart.  The bean bags weigh about a half a pound each.  Within two or three innings, you will start to feel the burn in your throwing arm and down your back. 

There are rules for the games.  Lots and lots of rules.  And there are associations all over the country whose singular purpose is playing Cornhole.  The ACA, American Cornhole Association.  Our set is different than what is commonly used, so we have to play with different scoring guidelines.  We still play to 21 (which can take forever if you aren’t very good or if S decides to pitch with her left hand) but we give 2 points for a bag in the box and 1 point for a bag that hangs on the rim.

Cornholeis good, clean family fun.  Everyone should play.  But be forewarned…  Cornhole will bore your dogs.

They won’t even want to watch.  Although, every now and again Rummy would get interested and then try to eat bean bags that missed their target.



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