The long weekend, part three…

This flower is new to us this year.  It’s called Scabiosa, I think.  Pretty purple flowers.  S picked it out.  She’s very good at choosing plants.  I’m better at choosing bushes, maybe.  At best, we compliment one another.

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend here in northeast Ohio.  The warm weather allowed us to spend a lot of time outside playing in the yard and working in the garden.  I also learned that if I wear an MP3 player while doing my solo yard work, I get so much more done.  I cut the grass, put in three arborvitea bushes, weeded around our trees, put bug killer in both the front and back yards and watered everything in about three hours on Saturday morning.  I was a total work horse with the aide of the MP3 and the Blackeyed Peas, among others.

That’s our blueberry bush which we planted last summer.  It was only about half this size when we bought it.  Birds or squirrels ate our three blueberries last July, but at least we got to see them before they were eaten.  This year I am going to figure out some way to protect the berries.

These are the blueberry blossoms.  I can’t wait for the actual berries.

Thanks to a protective ring of blood meal, the Burning bush is starting to make a comeback.

This is called False IndigoS picked it out last summer and it really didn’t do much.  But this year it has doubled in size and we finally got to see it bloom.

Here is a close up of the False Indigo.  This picture doesn’t really capture how cool the color is.

Here’s Rhoda… yes, that is what we call her.  She’s in bloom now.  She started blooming on Thursday and she has few more to open.



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  1. I tried growing blueberries from seed but failed miserably. I finally got them to germinate, but that’s as far as they would go. So I did what every resigned blueberry gardener-wanna-be did: buy a plant on ebay 🙂

    Can’t wait til it gets here!

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