The long weekend, part one…

Here at the Renovations house, we love the long weekends.

Since we didn’t go anywhere or get invited to a single damned picnic* we found ourselves with plenty of time to catch up on household chores.

Like changing the fixture on our front motion detector light.  The old one was busted when Mr. S someone tossed ice off of the roof of the house and carelessly accidentally hit the light.  Sure, it still worked after one of the lights and the motion detector box were broken, but every time it turned on it made a sizzling noise which scared me.

Old light:

Generally speaking, I am the one who does the bulk of the work when changing light fixtures.  I don’t know that S is afraid (even though the power is shut off at the main box) I just think she isn’t sure of herself when it comes to electricity.  But this particular light fixture is 12 feet off of the ground and required our high ladder to change it.  I am petrified of heights.  I can suck it up and get it done, but I might not be able to get back down.  Thankfully, S volunteered to do the high work and I got to stay on the ground and talk her through it.

New Light:

It’s a white fixture which looks much better with our white trim.  And I got it at Wal-Mart for $9.  Not too shabby.

Rummy watched the whole process from the living room window.

The directions for the new light said that we should caulk around the electrical box after the light was attached.  I thought this was odd since I’d never had that direction before and none of our other outdoor lights is caulked…  but we did it anyway.  Mostly, I suspect, because S loves caulking.




*We were invited to a picnic in West Virginia, but it would have required too much time and effort to attend.


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