The long weekend, final thought…

For my “categories” choices, I put my last several posts under “holiday” as well as a few other things.  But I never got around to mentioning in the posts that the long weekend was due to Memorial Day.  And I didn’t mention it because I am more than a little ashamed of myself that I didn’t do much reflecting on the sacrifice of our military, yesterday.  Well, I did hang our flag out front, but that never seems like enough.

I do think about it, the sacrifices, not to mention the bravery and honor of military service, but I don’t always do it on the official days.  I don’t think a picnic is the best way to celebrate the sacrifice of lives.  And I really meant to go to the Veteran’s Memorial Park here in our little city yesterday, but I don’t really want to go when other people are going to be there.  I’d rather go there when I can be alone in my thoughts and reflections.  I get teary when I think about what it must be like to die in the chaos of war.  Or what it must be like to lose a husband, son, daughter, father or mother in a war zone, so far away.  I don’t want to share those teary thoughts with other people who are probably at the memorial for a more up close and personal reason.

So, rather than eat a hot dog in the name of Memorial Day, I prefer to think about military sacrifice on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  Or to say a prayer for a military family when the news is broken that they have lost someone.  Or to be grateful on an almost daily basis for the people who chose to fight in the American Revolution.  Or to mourn the losses on both sides in our Civil War.  To remember, where some others forget, that we lost people in Korea.  Or to think about what it must have been like to be drafted and sent off to die in a jungle far away while people back home called you a “baby killer”.  Or to think about the men and women who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Those are not potato salad thoughts.


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