On hockey and manning-up…

I am not a hockey fan.  But like with college basketball, I am a finals fan.  “Win or go home” is about all I can get into when the sport plays more than fifty games.  Same with baseball.  I can focus my attention during playoffs, but anything before that is just a waste because there are too many games for most of them to be important.

I bring this up because today is the start of the Stanley Cup finals.  Which I still probably wouldn’t care about because I am not all that into hockey, but the Pittsburgh Penguins are in it.  Got to root for the Pittsburgh teams.  I lived in Pittsburgh back in the 1990’s when they won their previous Cups and it was an exciting hockey time.  Although I really don’t understand why lighting a car on fire or flipping a car over is a celebratory act… 

This morning, S’s brother Gil sent us some photos in an e-mail.  He’s turned into quite the hockey fan over tha past two years.  I think he is trying very hard to be “the sports guy” even though he’s kind of a girl.  He’s such a girl that if you told him to “man up” he would go get an actual man to stand behind.  Anyway the photos involve him posing with a life-size Stanley Cup that he crafted out of aluminum foil.  They also involve him posing with his Mario Lemieux pillow doll and wearing his Sidney Crosby jersey.

So, go Pens!!!!  


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