Seriously, just cut your grass…

I just came across this little news nugget on the Channel 19 news website:

WOIO May 21, 2008 9:13 am


CANTON, Ohio (AP)A proposal to stiffen the penalty in Canton for homeowners who don’t mow their grass has gotten a critical response from near and far.

The proposal would increase the fine for repeat offenders from $150 to $250 and would add a one-month jail term.

The response was quick after the story was published Tuesday in The (Canton) Repository. The newspaper received scores of e-mail messages from across the country, with some comparing the stiffer penalty to a joke that could grow into tyranny.

Canton says the tougher penalty is meant to reduce city costs for mowing grass. The city cuts about 2,000 overgrown private lots a year.

Generally speaking, I support the higher fines.  There is a house on my block that is standing empty and the owners never cut the grass.  It’s not even a lot of grass to cut, as the house is large and the lot is small.  At this very moment the grass at that house comes up to just below my knee.  And there are about four “notice to mow” signs pinned to the front door.  The signs don’t seem to be encouraging grass cutting and I am wondering if the fines have kicked in yet.  They must have worked last summer because someone cut the grass there twice.  Yeah, twice in four grass growing months.  Overgrown grass blights my street.  I want the grass to get cut.  I want someone to be punished for not cutting that grass.

But the proposed punishment in Canton involves one month of jail time.  For not cutting your grass?  And during your one month stay in jail, who is going to cut your grass?


This is my 200th post!!!!



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