Kentucky and Oregon have spoken…

And they said different things.

Kentucky loved Hillary to the tune of 65% to 30%459,145 people voted for Hillary while 209,771 people voted for Barack.  Oddly enough 18,029 people voted for “uncommitted“.  So, Hillary beat Barack by 249,374 votes.  Pretty big win.

Oregon really liked Barack to the tune of 58% to 42%331,138 people voted for Barack while 236,470 people voted for Hillary.  A difference of just 94,668 votes.

So, 695,615 people voted for Hillary yesterday (or a little before since Oregon is all mailed in) even though it has been pretty clear since North Carolina that she is not going to get the nomination.  And only 446,241 people voted for Barack even though he is a “rock star” and has just about clinched the nomination.

Barack gave his Oregon victory speech in Iowa, last night.  The tone was “winner” as if he had in fact clinched the nomination last night, which he did not.  That was a little off-putting, I think.  He isn’t head and shoulders above Hillary in delegates (super or un-super), he is merely ahead.  There are still some people waiting to cast votes and while they don’t hold a lot of delegates, they should still matter.  I wonder who advised him to give that particular speech in that particular way?  I think he should be still running like he is desperate to gain the votes of people in Montana, you know, make them feel needed.  And they are needed since he probably isn’t going to win Kentucky or West Virginia in the general election.  He’s going to need to pick up a couple of those western states for the electoral college math.


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