I’m not going to Disneyworld…

Well, I’m not going anytime soon.  Maybe someday.  It seems to me that Disney World is for families with kids and my family is currently kid-less.  Also, I’m not so much foaming at the mouth to go either.  It seems like it would be over stimulating and expensive.  And I have never really been into Mickey Mouse.  I’m not a cartoon person, as I am sure I have stated before.  I enjoy Winnie the Pooh and all that it involves, but I really don’t care much for any of the other Disney creations.  The Fox and the Hound wasn’t too bad, I guess.  But I don’t feel the need to buy a t-shirt with those characters on it or have my picture taken with people wearing costumes of the characters.

I never got to go to Disney World as a kid.  This has been explained to me as being the fault of my oldest brother, DK the Asshat.  Apparently, when he was six or seven, my father planned an elaborate Disney trip and when he surprised my brother by cheering, “We’re going to Disney  Wolrld,” my brother replied, “Okay.”  That traumatized my father and he never planned anything else for the rest of us.  Sure, he took us to Hilton Head every summer, but that was a vacation planned just for himself.  It is where he kept his sail boat and he would spend the week sailing and not spending any time with us.

That’s my father in the bottom, left-hand of the picture.  He was spending time with his pride and joy.  I have no idea who took the picture because I am certain we weren’t with him.

Anyway, I bring all of this up because James Lileks has posted an amusing story about taking his daughter to Disney World for a second time.  It’s called Disneyworld ’08 Part One.  You must see the pictures he posted along with it.  Thumper is not to be missed.

I like hearing about people taking their kids to Disney World or even Disneyland.  There is always excitement in the stories.  And I have, to a certain extent, romanticized the whole family goes to Disney thing.  It seems almost perfect even though Disney does not appeal to me.  And it only ever appeals to me when I hear or read those stories.  But once the story is over I go back to being ambivalent about all things Disney.



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