Another Pennsylvania/West Virginia road trip…

We left Friday afternoon, one S was finished with school.  She had to stay late, as is the norm for the end of the school year.  And then traffic on I-77 was horrible.  We didn’t get to my mother’s house until after nine.  My brother M’s girlfriend, Jen, was there.  She’d been there for a couple of days helping my mother clear out more of my grandmother’s clothes.  There is still so much work to be done.

My mother has officially taken over my grandmother’s bedroom.  It has the nicest bed but really needs to be painted.  I don’t think the dresser drawers have been cleared out yet, but my mother has put her own clothes in what used to be my grandmother’s closet.  It’s kind of strange even though I had been encouraging it.  When I went into the room to say good-night, my mother was already in bed, right where my grandmother used to sleep.  Seeing my mother like that made her seem older to me, though I am not sure why.  She’ll be turning 70 in June, so that is kind of old.  But I am not ready for her to be old yet.  S’s grandmother turns 74 next week.  It is kind of weird to think of them being in the same generation.  It’s kind of weird that my brother, DK the Asshat, is so close to being the same age as S’s parents.

On Saturday morning I did some much needed chores for my mother.  She can’t climb up on ladders to clean the ceiling fans and the exhaust fan in the bathroom.  She also hadn’t noticed that the bathroom light fixture was coated in dust.  I like being able to help, but sometimes it feels futile.  I’m too far away to be of real help and yet I wouldn’t really want to live closer because I would feel the need to help all of the time.

We left my mother’s house in the early afternoon so that we could drive up to PittsburghS’s brother, Gil, was throwing a birthday party for his wife, BudBud is four months pregnant.  The sonogram, which we got to watch on video, says that they are pretty much having a girl.  Exciting times for them.  S and I are more than a little jealous and trying to not let that show.  S’s other brother, el Jeffe, and his wife Lucifer are in the process of buying their first house.  We also got to see pictures of that.  And it is certainly not a starter-home.  It’s huge.

The party ended on a raucous note.  Gil brought up Hillary Clinton and S’s grandparents got heated.  They love Hillary and they love Democrats.  Nobody else in the room shared that love and soon voices were raised.  Even my sweet, gentle S got loud, at her grandfather no less, over Saddam Husein and the rape rooms in Iraq.  Gas prices were much discussed as well.  Lots of blame being spread around to all the wrong things/people.  After the brawl everyone went home.  I don’t think it is exactly the birthday party that Bud wanted to have.

We didn’t spend the night in Pittsburgh.  We were able to leave by 10:00 and traffic was light on the turnpike.  We made it home rather easily and not too much after midnight.  Always good to sleep in our own bed.


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