Lawn care…

My mother has started paying some company, I think TruGreen, to care for her lawn.  The first fertilizer treatment cost her $29, and she says the yard looks amazing.  S and I get advertisements from lawn companies just about every other day, through the spring, summer and fall.  I look them over and then toss them out.  Perhaps I watch too many lawn care product commercials, but I have bought into the idea that the lush, green lawn of my dreams will come from my hard work.

Last weekend I bought a bag of Preen Lawn Stepsaver fertilizer and weed control for $30.  Last year I bought a Scott’s hand-held fertilizer spreader for $15, because I was too cheap to buy the fancy wheeled-pushing kind for $45.  The hand-held thingy is easy to use, but it doesn’t hold a lot so you have to keep filling it up which means you have to drag the heavy bag of fertilizer with you or keep walking back to the garage for fill ups.  Last year I lugged the heavy bag with me which was exhausting and probably looked stupid.  Yesterday I left it in the garage and made 20 trips back and forth which was exhausting and probably looked pretty stupid.

I suspected that grubs had killed a large patch of my grass in the front yard so I also bought a $30 bag of bug killer, which is supposed to kill over 300 kinds of insects.  The Preen fertilizer is supposed to kill 300 kinds of lawn weeds.  But as I was applying the fertilizer I realized that I don’t so much have grass in the front yard as I actually have about 290 different kinds of weeds for ground cover.  I think that my dead patch was a weed patch that was effectively dealt with last year.  If this Preen stuff actually works, I will have nothing but dead, brown weeds for a front yard.

This morning my left shoulder is killing me and it is difficult to manipulate my fingers on my left hand.  I blame the hand-held spreader which has to be held in the left hand and cranked with the right hand.  You cannot switch hands because of the way it is designed.  I really should have bought the more expensive spreader.  One day I will learn that buying cheap is not always the best way to go.  I have too large of a yard for the hand-held thingy.


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