Family pictures…

I spent most of the morning yesterday scanning family photos.  My intention is to make picture discs for my mother and brothers.  That has been my intention for about four years now but with our old scanner the process was taking forever.  Previously I had scanned about thirty pictures and it took me two weeks.  When we were moving last year S’s dad dropped our scanner while carrying it in the house and it died.  Not long ago when we needed a new printer I bought one of those HP Deskjets that is a printer/copier/scanner all in one.  I hadn’t used the scanner before yesterday and let me tell you, I was amazed.  I scanned 120 pictures in three hours.  And the quality of the scan is so much better than with our old one.

I love this picture:

It was taken right after my mother was born.  She is being held by her grandmother and looking proudly on is her grandfather.  They delivered her in that building they are standing in front of, which was their hospital. Yep, that old West Virginia man was a doctor and his wife was a nurse and they lived in and ran the town’s hospital.  Sorry, I’m still bitter about how the media is treating the people of West Virginia.

I’m now finished scanning the family photos in my possession.  I wish I had been able to do more, earlier, because my parents lost so many great photos in the last flood.  I had been taking pictures from their collections over the years and thus saved them from the muddy waters.

It was a dreary day outside yesterday and while I was looking at the family pictures I got a little sad.  I really started missing my grandmother yesterday.  Today marks a month since she died and it has finally hit me that I haven’t talked to her in a little over a month.  We used to talk every day or at the very least, several times a week.  There were times when I would get bored or frustrated with our phone calls because she would go on and on about a subject that didn’t interest me and then I would feel guilty about being bored talking to her.  I would love to be that bored again.



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