West Virginia has spoken…

And they prefer Hillary to Barack by 67% to 26%. 

What I found odd was that 63% of the voters yesterday said they believed Hillary was honest.  Seriously?

Troubling for Obama is that 51% of the voters thought he shared Jeremiah Wright’s views.

When I spoke to my mother last night I suggested that she might want to consider changing political parties since the Republicans aren’t the ones calling her a stupid, racist hillbilly.  I think she might be considering it.

For the record, my mother has a masters degree.  Every single one of my West Virginia relatives (except for the 17 and under set) has a college degreeand a majority of them have graduate degrees.  Oh wait, I do have one cousin who rejected college and is now a coal miner.  But, apparently, he loves his job.


2 Responses

  1. Yes Obama is going to be in trouble as he is to Far Left, yes a far left liberal he is and will have a hard time beating John McCain. Its alittle to late for Obama to drop the tag of far left liberal just to win votes from the center. 🙂

  2. From what I have read, Obama thinks he can win the general election without West Virginia, by winning a western state like Colorado. I don’t think so.

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