Watching the grass grow…

This is going to be an entirely new segment of the Renovations blog.  Oh yes, I expect to entertain you with reports on how my grass is growing.  Seriously.  Not kidding.  Not even a little bit.  Go ahead and scoff, but I bet I will suck you in with these posts.

On Saturday I put grass seed down on the three bald spots in the back yard.  The bald spots were created by someone in the household (not me) who raked the fall leaves into a big pile and then left them there all winter.


I decided to go with the Scotts PatchMasterbecause it is an all-in-one product.  The grass seed, the fertilizer and the keep the birds away stuff is all in there.  I didn’t want to have to put down hay because it looks messy.  This PatchMaster stuff is neat though.  You can see little bits of shredded paper in the fluffy mix.  And it is fluffy.  And it spreads easily.

There it is, just minutes after I hosed it down for the first time.  I’m supposed to water it everyday, but it rained a lot yesterday and I felt it was sufficiently watered without my hosing it.

This is the patch that we are going to monitor for the Watching My Grass Grow segments.  It is the one closest to the house and it is the one that gets the most sun each day. 

To make it official:  Day One, installation day, Saturday May 10th.

The PatchMater bag says that I should be seeing my little grass seedlings in 7 to 14 days.  I want to believe, but I’ve only ever had one grass growing experience in my life before.  It was back in 1994 and I put down seed and hay in a little 5 foot by 5 footpatch of dirt that was my back yard for a townhouse I was renting.  It took a very long time to grow and even when it did, it was patchy, not thick and full.  I got scraggly grass.

I hope this project turns out better than that.


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  1. […] Watching the grass grow, day 13… Posted on May 23, 2008 by myrenovations On May 10th I put the Scott’s Patchmaster on two big bald spots and one little spot in my backyard.  You can check out the pictures here.  […]

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