Just in time for Mother’s Day…

So this morning I was listening to the Laura Ingraham talk radio show, like I do every day between 9 and 11 am, and she had this build up to a major announcement that was going to be made on the show.  Laura had been off air all week, with some fun guest hosts like Tammy Bruce and Tucker Carlson, but there was no explanation as to why Laura was away.  Since she battled breast cancernot too long ago, there is always the fear that she is off dealing with a medical issue or some such thing.  But the explanation of the absence was fully explained during the big announcement.

Laura was in South America adopting a child.  A little 3 year old girl to be specific.  You would think it would be stunning to hear that a very conservative talk show host went head long into the world of single parenting, but it really isn’t.  Laura has always seemed like a parent, just one without any children of her own.  And it never really seemed like she was going to end up married, which I just don’t understand because she is beautiful, talented, sweet and all those things that men should want in a wife. 

Anyway, congratulations Laura and Maria


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