Reports from the front…

Front yard, I mean.  I don’t know why the yard is causing me to use military lingo in my posts.  Actually, I do. 

There is a war going on in my yard.  I have been fighting the war of the Bunny Jihad for a year now.  I do not think I am winning.  It’s not even a quagmire… they are seriously kicking my bum. 

It started with my apple tree saplings last summer.  They took out one of them with their ferocious little teeth.  Then they built a bunker in the middle of my yard where they bred like, well, rabbits.  I have video proof from my digital video camera spy satellite.  They fortified their numbers.  Then they ate the blueberries off of my blueberry bush.  Over the winter they attacked three out of four of my apple tree saplings.  Only one tree has been allowed to reach three feet.  It must not taste good.  I’m pretty sure that Fort Granny Smith is a complete loss.

Last weekend I brought home a Burning Bush from the garden center at Home Despot.  I have been wanting one for years but never had the yard for one.  Now I do.  I dug a nice hole for it.  Added peat moss and fertilizer and an anti-transplant shock supplement and then planted it.  I loved it.  But within three days it went from being a healthy, green, bushy bush to this:

It is still alive, but just barely.  Those bastard bunnies have no shame.    And they have little fear.  They refuse to back down in the face of my Secretary of Defense, Rummy.  They just work around her, knowing just how far her chain reaches and then taunting her with their crinkly little noses.

I’ve added a new weapon to my arsenal though.  Blood Meal.

Okay, so it’s not a weapon so much as it is a defense mechanism.  We have encircled all of our plant beds, trees and bushes with the stuff and it is supposed to keep the bunnies and their allies the squirrels at bay.

It worked last summer, though we didn’t learn about it until late August.  But once we started using it, it worked.  But we didn’t realize at the time that we had to keep applying the stuff after each rain.  Now we know and we will be on alert.

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