Notice to mow…

I love our little city, I really do.  I’m a big fan of rules and there are a lot of rules for living here.  For example, city workers drive around all of the neighborhoods and take note if houses are in need of painting or weeds are growing up in between the driveway pavers.  If you are a landlord and the police are called to a property you own more than one time per year, you get fined.  If you put your garbage out on the tree lawn before 7:00 pm, you will get a warning and if you do it again, you will be fined.  If you do not keep your yard nice and neat, you will get a “notice to mow” and if you don’t cut your grass, you will get fined.  Rules are good.  They keep all the houses in the neighborhoods looking nice and in good repair.

S has been freaking out for about three weeksnow because our grass was getting tall and unruly.  Every time we’d pull up into the driveway she would lament that we were certain to get a “notice to mow”.  Which was her way of nudging me towards cutting the grass.  She didn’t want to nag.  And she didn’t do it herself because I am the Lawn Mower G_d and I have dominion over our land.  Yes, I actually call myself that when I start up the mower.  I’m sure S could cut the grass if need be, but until that need actually comes, I am the mower of grass.

I finally got a new gas can yesterday afternoon, which allowed me to fill up the mower and do my job.  The grass had gotten so thick in some areas that I had to go over it a couple of times in a couple of directions.  I still don’t have a weed whacker/trimmer so while the grass is now cut, the yard does not look manicured.  I need to get a weed whacker this year.  It’s amazing how much bigger the yard looks with the grass cut.  When we were at the Lowe’s Garden Center yesterday we worried about buying too many plants and shrubs, but now that the grass is cut, I don’t think we could possibly fill up our yard with plants.

The job for today: eradication of poison ivy


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