My mother loves Harry Truman…

This morning I was speaking with my mother on the telephone, explaining to her what I had done to help her manage what will soon be her stock portfolio.  With the exception of percentages left to me and my brothers, my mother will take over my grandmother’s rather extensive stock portfolio.  My mother has owned shares of five companies since the 1970’s but has never really been interested in stocks or financial things.  Now she is going to have to be.

Anyway, I told my mother that because she already owns shares of Haliburton and will soon be getting shares of Diebold from my grandmother, she is going to have to become a Republican.  She scoffed at my joke but stopped laughing when I explained that with the Diebold voting machines, she is now a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  It amused me to no end.

Then we got to talking a bit about politics.  My mother voted in the Democrat primary for West Virginia last night during her poll worker training.  My mother loves being a poll worker.  She’s done it for years.  Election days are like holidays to her.  And she makes $125 for the day which isn’t too shabby for a retired woman.  Anway, she told me that she didn’t realize until last night just how conservative she is on a range of issues.  For example, she is pro-life.  But she still identifies as a good Democrat.  I told her that she was a good Democrat but that today’s Democrats are not.  She seemed to agree with me.  And then I whipped out the old Ronad Reagan line “I didn’t leave the Democratic party… The Democratic party left me,” and she really identified with it.

My mother is a Harry Truman Democrat.  In fact, most of our conversations of late have been about good old Harry.  She loves him and loves talking about him.  Today we discussed the Harry episode when he went ballastic on a newspaper reviewer who gave a horrible review of his daughter, Margaret’s singing.  Good story.  Once the post-death work is done, I intend to loan my mother my copy of the Truman biography by Davd McCullough.  I think everyone should read it.

But don’t worry, Democrats, my mother will not leave the party.  She voted for Hillary last night and hopes to do so in the general election.  However, I think she might just swing the McCain way if Hillary is not the Democratic nominee.

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