The NLF Draft 2008…

Ah yes, another NFL Draft has come and gone.  Not as exciting as other years, but entertaining none the less.  My Pittsburgh Steelers had a very good draft, with great players just falling into their laps.

First Round: Rashard Mendenhall RB Illionis (the second best RB this year)

Second Round: Limas Sweed WR Texas (the tall receiver that Big Ben asked for)

Third Round: Bruce Davis DE UCLA (much appreciated pass rusher)

Fourth Round: Tony Hills OT Texas (a little injury plagued for my tastes)

Fifth Round: Dennis Dixon QB Oregon (I’m not a fan of the “athletic quarterback” but the Steelers can use them well from time to time)

Sixth Round: Mike Humpal LB Iowa (eh?)

Sixth Round: Ryan Mundy FS West Virginia (woo-hoo! a three year starter from WVU)

Other West Virginia players selected in this year’s draft include RB Steve Slaton (Texans) and FB Owen Schmitt (Seahawks).  Sadly, three WVU players went unrafted, DE Johnny Dingle, DE Keilen Dykes and WR Darius Reynaud


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