The grandparents…

It was a good visit.  They seemed to like the house a lot.  Probably more than S’s parents because her grandparents liked the fact that the house is 108 years old, while that was off putting to the parents.  The thing is, we really didn’t get to give them the big impressive tour of the house because as soon as they got here they unloaded their car and went up to the guest room to unpack.  I don’t really know that they got to experience all of the really cool things about the house.

Speaking of unpacking…  They brought a memory foam bed topper for Grandma’s back.  Totally understandable because she has a long, painful history with her back.  But they also brought their own pillows, sheets and blanket.  They aso brought their own towels and washcloths.  This is not something that I am familiar with, but maybe people of the older generation just do that sort of thing.  I don’t know.  But it was strange.

When they got here were bought some pizza for lunch and then we took them on a driving tour of our neighborhood and where S works.  They were impressed.  They also remarked several times on how “diverse” our area is.  After the tour we returned to the house and all took a nap.  I’m not much of a napper, but I did doze off a bit while watching the NFL DraftS was excited about the whole napping business.  She loves naps and is actually a 70 year old trapped in the body of a 29 year old.  The napping ran longer than the half hour it was supposed to and after we all got freshened up we headed out to Olive Garden.

Olive Garden during the seven o’clock hour on a weekend night kind of sucks.  We had to sit and wait for an hour before we got a table.  A couple of times the grandparents offered that we could go somewhere else for dinner but when we mentioned other restaurants, they vetoed them.  Apparently they only like Italian food and American food.  Understandable, as I am loathe to try new things.  The service was horrible at Olive Garden once we got our table.  There was also a screaming child in the next table over who was not being parented very well.

After dinner we returned to the house and played cards while listening to Billie Holiday.  Yeah, I like hanging with the older generation.  We talked and laughed and had a very good time.  Well, all good except for that time when S and her grandma left the room to go get some more music.  You see, they left me alone with Grandpa and he thought it was a good time for us to talk about subjects I would rather not ever discuss.

Grandpa: Meg, I don’t want to get into your personal business…

I thought we were about to start an inappropriate discussion of money and finances, but no.

Grandpa:… but how old are you now?

Me:  Um, 35.

Grandpa:  Have you been thinking about your risk for diabetes?

And then he launched into a long diatribe about my health and diabetes and the dangers of gastric bypass and how the stomach band would be a better choice for me and it just got more uncomfortable with every word.  I interjected that my cholesterol, triglycerideds, blood pressure and last EKG were all good, so I don’t worry too much.  Besides (I didn’t say out loud) I am not morbidly obese or anything close to being so.  I am no Carnie Wilson.  If anything I might need to eat more vegetables and less bread, but hey, he just took me to Olive Garden so the blood is on his hands.  I would also like to mention that he was giving me this embarassing medical advice because of an article he had read in Prevention magazine and he is not, in any way shape or form, a doctor.

So, that was really quite unconfortable but we went back to playing cards and telling stories.  We even stayed up until midnight.  Which I hope S’s parents doen’t find out about because when they are visiting, S and I always want to go to bed at ten o’clock.  When we got up on Sunday morning we hit the nearby IHOP (hey, that can’t be good for my diabetes risk) for breakfast.  Again, remarks on how “diverse” our area is.  And after breakfast they packed up and left.  I thought they might linger a little longer, but no.

Apparently they had a great time, which is good.  And with the exception of about ten minutes I will never be able to erase from my brain, I had a good time too.  S always has a great time with her grandparents.


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