Spring stuff…

Spring comes late to northeast Ohio.  We finally had a week of warm weather last week.  But today is cold and tomorrow will be cold and Wednesday will be cold.  There is even some talk of a rain/snow mix over the next few days.  And when I say cold, I don’t mean 50 degrees.  I mean 38 degrees.  I swore that when I turned off the furnace last week that I would not turn it on again until next November.  I will stick to that.  S won’t.  She’ll turn it back on tonight, I bet.  And she’ll turn it up to 70 because that is the only way she will feel warm.

Because it hasn’t really been spring here, we haven’t done much work in the yard yet.  Some of our neighbors have cleaned up their yards and started cutting their grass, but they were wearing down-filled coats  while they worked.  I’m just not that kind of person.  I waited for warm weather.  And time.  April 19th was a warm day here, but I wasn’t here.  I was burying my grandmother.  I’ve really not had any time to do anything other than think about working in the yard.

But yesterday was kind of sunny and kind of warm.  And S’s grandparents left before noon, so we ended up having more of the day than we thought we would.  The yard and garden beds were so neglected…

This is the neglected back yard.  See those big, brown circles?  Last October somebody (not me) decided to rake the leaves and she went out to do it with a full head of steam.  She raked well and there were a ton of leaves.  But she woked so dilligently that it didn’t take long for her to get worn out.  And so she raked the leaves into big piles, put the rake away and vowed to finish the job the next day.  But then she didn’t finish the job and the leaves sat in their piles all winter long.  And the leaves killed the grass.  Which wouldn’t be so bad if the dogs and their need for urination weren’t already destroying large sections of the yard.  The dead grass in the front yard is not her fault, nor is it the fault of the dogs.  Grubs killed my grass.  Bastards.  I will get revenge.

All of our flower beds showed signs of neglect as well.  We have a bed that runs the length of the house, down the driveway that contains decorative plants (Phlox and Yarrow) as well as my herb garden, a strawberry plant and last year it was where we planted our tomatoes.  It’s the only part of our yard that gets full sun from dawn to dusk.  But it gets gravel spilled into it from the driveway and was also buried under leaves.  In addition, the weeds have run rampant.  Thankfully, S worked on that area, getting the leaves removed and doing some of the “cutting back” that we were supposed to have done last fall.  Now it looks much better than it does in the above picture.

Another great joy is the poison ivy that is all over tha place.  It is in the flower beds.  It is all along our fence and driveway.  And it is all over the grass like land mines.  S gets poison ivy by merely looking in its directions.  Knock on wood, but I don’t know that I have ever really had it.  I thought I might have last summer, but it was a tiny patch, about the size of a dime, on my wrist and it didn’t spread and it didn’t itch.  All of which is to say that it is my job to eradicate the poison ivy again this year.

So, I need some things from the local garden center: poison ivy killer, grass seed and mushroom compost.  I also need some product to help keep the rabbits from eating my plants and trees and something to keep the squirrels away from my eventual tomato plants.


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