More appeal…

While I have been excited by having everything turn green again, I have been lamenting that we don’t have a lot of spring color in our yard.  By mid summer we’re going to have some color.  A good start anyway.  But right now we are mostly green.  Last year we put some bush roses in pots on either side of our front steps.  We also had some red fountain grass on either side too, but it was an annual so we needed to replace it for this year.  We went with gallon sized pots of Salvia from the Home Despot.  Now we’ll have bursts of purple every spring, which will be nice.

We also bought a white rhododendron for right in front of the house, under our living room windows.  I planted it right between our blueberry bush and our ginormous pine tree.  Perfect soil for the rhododendron.  We went with white thinking that it would looking good against the red paint on the house.  It’s another purchase that is going to take several years to fully appreciate, but we had to start somewhere.




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