Curb appeal..

In an effort to improve the curb appeal of our home, we are going to replace the hedges in front of the house.  It is something I have been wanting to do since the day we moved in, but S insisted that we couldn’t rip out the existing hedges until we had something to put in their place.

These are the current, ugly hedges:

They are only green during the spring and summer.  The rest of the year they are ugly, brown sticks.  They are unruly, not matter how many times I have tried to trim them.  I’ve had neighbors stop by to offer me the use of their hedge trimmers mere hours after I have already trimmed them.  It is impossible to make them look good.  I don’t know what they are called, but they have wicked little thorns and it really hurts to accidentally bump into them.

This is what we will be replacing the hedges with.  They are called Arborvitae and they are the first hedge replacement candidates that S and I have agreed on, so we bought them.  We bought the quart sized pots but now we are wondering if we should have bought the large ones since these little ones will take a couple of years before they are hedge-like.  We may still do that and then put these little ones someplace else.

Next Saturday is projected to be somewhat warm and somewhat dry, so that is the day of hedge removal.  I am going to put the special tree blade on the reciprocating saw and go to town on the hedges.  I cannot wait to drag them up to the curb.


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