Today is the day that S’s grandparents arrive for their visit.  We just found out last night that they are planning to stay all night with us.  The last time they visited they just spent the day with us and spent the night in a hotel.  I wasn’t expecting the overnighter.  Which means I now have to actually clean the guest room.  The sheets on that bed will need to be changed.  The room isn’t a mess, just needs some refreshing.

There are still some other rooms that need to be taken care of this morning before they arrive.  Actually, I don’t think they will be here until about one o’clockS hung pictures for me last night.  She has better skills in that department than I do.  Now we have most of our black and whites up in the dining room and the tin signs I had bought back in February for the laundry room.  It looks a little more like we live here now.

I had wanted to do some touch ups on the kitchen ceiling from our last paint job.  There are about three big dots of Koala paint on the white ceiling.  But when I went to get the bucket of ceiling paint from last March, it was all dried up.  I also meant to hang a window treatment on the laundry room window but I just never found the time to get to Wal-Mart for a curtain rod.  There had been a plastic mini-blind on the window but one day Rummy went nuts for another dog that was in our backyard and I closed the blind thinking that she would calm down if she couldn’t see it.  Nope.  She just ripped up the blind.

I focus a lot on the big things that need to be done to the house, but there are a million little projects that really need attention.  The thing is they aren’t fun, sexy projects that will make a dramatic difference once they are done.  They are subtle and once done they are not so much noticed.  But if they don’t get done, you do notice.



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