Cleveland actually does rock…

Well, sort of.  Over the past weekend, at my grandmother’s funeral, several relatives felt the need to chat with me and more often than not they would ask, “How do you like Cleveland?”  I actually have a standard answer for this question because so many people ask it of me.  Here it goes:

After spending so many years in Pittsburgh, I was conditioned to hate all things Cleveland.  But the funny thing is, except for football, Cleveland is not so bad.  Actually, I love it.  I prefer living by a great lake over living near three rivers.  Better breeze.  Better views.  Better fishing.  And there is rarely ever any stand-still traffic around Cleveland.

And all of those things are true.  Sure, actual Cleveland sucks.  The taxes are high, the city is dirty, dangerous and depressing.  But if you drive just five miles out of the city in any of the three directions, you find beautiful little cities.  They tend to be much cleaner, safer and less depressing.  However, the taxes are outrageous anywhere you go in the area.  Northeast Ohio is really quite nice.  And this past football season wasn’t so bad since I had Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

All of this is the build up to showing off two pictures I took last summer.

This is Pittsburgh.  And those are the three rivers that all come together at The Point.  I took this picture standing on top of Mount Washington, which has the best view of The Burgh.

And this is Cleveland.  Well the water park is Lake Erie…  I took this picture at a place called Edgewater Park, where there is good fishing from a pier that goes out from the shore for about a hundred yards.


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