Out of touch…

I am really out of touch with the gay community.  I am out of touch with my gay friends and I am out of touch with gay media.  Just so totally out of touch.

I don’t read gay magazines or watch the gay channel on Direct TV, Logo is the name.  S and I have a few gay friends but we really don’t spend much time with them anymore.  We are not first in line for Indigo Girls tickets or dying for Melissa Etheridge to come to town.  We don’t go to gay bars or join gay social organizations.  We are probably the least gayest gay people I’ve ever heard of.

So anyway, a few minutes ago I was reading a news story I linked to from Drudge and on that webpage I saw a link for Celebrities Who Live Openly Gay Lives.  Normally that story wouldn’t appeal to me because I just don’t care about those people (celebrities or gay people for that matter) but I’ve got time to kill so I hit the link.  All the usual suspects were listed (Ellen, Portia, Rosie, Martina, Rupert, Lance, etc.) but then I came across the picture of David Hyde-Pierce (Niles from Frazier).  Apparently he came out back in 2007.  Sure, he always seemed gay but I never knew he was actually gay.  And then, after that minor shock there was a big shock (to me anyway) Suze Orman is gay and came out in 2007.  Who knew?

I’ve never really understood the fascination with sexual orientation.  I suppose it gives lonely young people someone to look up to, but I kind of hope young people look up to all kinds of people, gay and straight, and for reasons other than the person’s sexual orientation.  Now there is an out of touch statement…


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