Pennsylvania and West Virginia…

Over the past week and a half, I have gotten several search engine visitors who seem to need to figure out how to get from Pennsylvania to West Virginia.  I am here to help.  The posts that I have written about driving between the two states haven’t given actual directions, so I shall give them now.  With visual aides…

That is my hand and it is contorted into the shape of the state of West Virginia.  Hey, that’s how we learned state geography in kindergarten.  I grew up in the northern panhandle of WV, which would be my index finger in the picture.  The northern panhandle is only about 15 to 25 miles across, depending on whether you are at the top of the panhandle or the bottom. 

Still referencing the above picture, on the right side of my index finger would be Pennsylvania and Ohio would be on the left.  Interstate 70 runs through the northern panhandle at Wheeling, WV, from Pennsylvania and on into Ohio (and of course almost all the way across the country).  If you prefer a more scenic route, get off the interstate and take old Route 40, which runs parallel to I-70.  It is a beautiful drive.  There are also a billion secondary roads off of 40 that will take you to different parts of WV from PA.

I forget the major interstate that runs from the big air port near Pittsburgh, PA and runs through the tippy-top part of WV on into Ohio, but there is one (I think it is 22).  There is also I-79 that runs from about Washington, PA down into the gut (the bulk of my hand in the above picture) of West Virginia.  Some of the best state parks are along that interstate, as well as West Virginia University.  There is also another interstate, whose number escapes me, that runs from more eastern parts of PA, through a tiny bit of WV and on into Maryland.

If you need further assistance on getting from Pennsylvania to West Virginia, I suggest you consult an actual road map or Google Maps.


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