The wild, wild life…

We’ve got random dogs that roam around in our yard.  We have stray cats that roam around in our yard.  We have bunnies that are eating my apple tree saplings in the front yard.  We have gigantic squirrels that eat anything and everything they can find.  We have skunks that are either brave or stupid because they will walk right up to Rummy.  Only some live to tell the tale.  We have a groundhog the size of a VW Beetle, which parks himself under our garage.  We have acrobatic raccoons too.  And a beedy eyed opossum.

This is our nice garage

Now, we are walking closer to the garage, specifically the left side of the gargage.

Now we are creeping in closer on the left side of the garage.  You can start to see a mound of dirt being pushed away from the foundation.

And here we have the hole.  This is where all sorts of wild life disappear.  If we happen to see them in the yard, they run off toward the left side of the garage and then pop down this hole. 

At first we thought only the skunks lived in the hole.  We were told to put moth balls in the hole in the middle of the night to change the scent and then the skunks wouldn’t want to return to the hole in the morning.  So I did that.  I poured an entire box down that hole and our yard smelled like old lady closet for a month.  But then we saw the ginormous groundhog in the yard and followed him (with our eyes) down the hole.  He seems to be the one who has done all the work to make the hole.  Several times, I have filled it back in with the dirt, bricks and rocks he has excavated and several times he has pushed them back out.

I would like to introduce you to my new plan.  I call it Quickrete.  For several months S’s dad, Mr. S, has encouraged me to fill the hole with concrete.  I thought it seemed like a good idea but S and her mom, Mrs. S, were squimish.  They believed that I would be trapping the animals in the hole to die.  But all burrowing animals have escape routes, so sayeth animal experts.  I would merely be filling in a hole that is troublesome to us and our garage floor.  S has finally given in and allowed me to purchase the Quickrete and now all that is left is to dump it down in the hole and then hose it down.  I don’t know if I am supposed to do that in the middle of the night like the mothballs.  I’m going to assume not.


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