Turning green…

I was green with envy while during our PA/WV road trip last Friday.  Both of the cities we visited are about two weeks ahead of northern Ohio when it comes to the change of the seasons to spring and summer.  Everything was green there.  My parents had tulips and daffys already.  S’s parent’s bulbs were just staring to pop through the top soil.  The trees, as soon as we hit the I-70 interchange in Cambridge, Ohio, had leaves and were green.

Everything here, up until yesterday has been brown and beige.  The trees haven’t begun to get leaves yet and if you are looking for spring flowers, you have to be in a floral shop.  But yesterday is was over 70 degress and as I drove around with the sunroof open for the first time in 2008, I noticed green tufts of grass starting to pop up around our neighborhood.  You can see it much better today, with the sky overcast, making great contrast with the newly green grass.

I love spring.  Next to fall, it is my favorite season.  I love it when the temperature is just right for wearing a pair of shorts with a long sleeved shirt.  Too hot for that in the summer, but just right all through spring and at the start of fall.  S and I need to plant bulbs for next spring.  There is nothing better than watching them come up.  It’s a better sign of sring than Robins.

We are going to have a lot of yard work to do.  There are brown leaves scrunched up against the fence and hedges.  I hate those because they are so difficult to remove.  The rake gets caught in the spokes of the fence or the branches of the hedges and if you pull them out by hand, your hands get gouged.  There are twigs and branches abandoned all over the yard.  We’ll have to gather those and get them dried out for the fire pit.  And I am taking down our ugly front hedges on the next warm Saturday.  S wants to keep them in place until we figure out what we are going to replace them with.  I don’t.  I want them gone.  Besides, if they are gone it might compell us to make the decision of what we are going to replace them with.



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