Cabinet door hinges…

The kitchen renovation is a work in progress.  Now that we love our new counter and new sink, I’m focusing on the things that still need to be changed.  We are finished with the painting.  The floor is going to be gone as soon as S starts summer break.  I have finished sanding and staining the base cabinets and drawers.  I am almost done with the cabinet doors but I need about five more dry air days for that project.

But before we can put the cabinet doors back up we need new hardware.

This is the hinge that the doors were attached with.  Ugly.  They made the dark cabinets seem really, really old.  Now that the cabinets are lighter, the hinges stand out as a total eyesore.  The shape is old world and they just don’t work with what we have done to the kitchen.

Replacing the hinges should be easy, but these hinges have a curve in their desgin. 

The flat side attaches to the outside of the cabinet base and the curve sides bends around the edge of the door and also attaches to the outside.

Like this, but with a door there…

The hinges are not only ugly, but they are huge.  About 3 and 1/2 inches.  That is a whole lot of ugly.

Searching through the hardware at both Lowe’s and Home Despot, I have failed to find anything that will work just like these hinges but be better looking.  I’m not averse to figuring out how to re-hinge the door with something that will work, but I still hold out hope that I will find a good looking replacement that works in the same way these hinges do. 

I would also be thrilled if I found what I am looking for and they just happen to be inexpensive.  I’ll need 24 hinges and if they are more than $4 a piece, I’m looking at $100 in hardware.  Plus we need five, somewhat, matching knobs for the drawers.

If anyone out there has some suggestions, I would appreciate them.


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