I had some difficulties yesterday with the kitchen sink plumbing.  We had purchased a kit at Lowe’s that attaches to both sink drains and then meets up to go into the trap or S pipe, which then goes into an arm that feeds into the big drain.  This new sink sits about two inches more forward than than the last sink and it seems like maybe the drains are one inch closer together than on the last sink.  I do not know if those two statements are true, all sinks may be uniform and I am having trouble with perception and not measurement.

I got out the kit yesterday and started hooking all the parts together but they just didn’t fit.  And it also occured to me that the S pipe and its long arm pipe are just a tad too long.  But they are the metal ones that came with the house and I hadn’t planned on changing them.  I know one can cut metal, but that’s not something I am wanting to do.  I ended up buying a kit at Wal-Mart that contains the S pipe, long arm pipe and connectors for $2.97. Now all of the parts, excluding the main house drain pipe, will be new and plastic.  And I can cut plastic, which is good.

But I have to tell you, I am putting it off for right now.  I could have gone into the kitchen and gotten started the second I returned from taking S to work, but I didn’t.  I am afraid.  I don’t want to mess up.  Things have gone fairly well up until now and this part is all ME and I don’t want to fail.  I don’t want to even stumble.  If S were here she would give me confidence.  I feel like I can do just about anything when she is with me.  I don’t seem to mess up as much when she is around and I even think I manage to do things I cannot do when she is beside me.

Anyway, that is my project for today, as soon as I quit procrastinating.  The good thing is that once the plumbing is installed, I can hook up the water supply and test the sink because all of the drying/curing times have passed on the putties and silicones.  If I get this done and get it done right, I can wash dishes in my new sink tonight.


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