While I was procrastinating on the whole plumbing thing, I sealed the stones and the grout for a final time.  There is a nice shine on the counter and back splash now.

After working up enough nerve, I started the plumbing.  Had some difficulties, of course.  When I bought the water supply hoses the other night, I bought four just to be on the safe side.  I bought two that had a 1/2″ nut for the sink attachment and a 1/2″ nut for the water supply attachment.  I wasn’t sure which size I was going to need so I also bought two that had the 1/2″ nut for the water supply attachment and a 3/8″ nut for the water supply attachment. 

I have no idea why I didn’t check out which size I needed when I attached them to the sink faucet the other night.  I think I just rushed through the process.  Anway, the ones that I connected before we put the sink into the counter were the wrong ones.  I found out this morning that I need the hoses with the 3/8″ nut.  That meant I had to crawl under the sink and reach up behind the thing to disconnect the wrong hoses and connect the right hoses.  That took forever because I am not a tiny person like S is.  I really wish she had been here for that part.  I am cut up and bruised from getting in and out of there.

I did have to make some cuts to the plumbing pieces before I could get them installed.  That wasn’t as horrible as I had been anticipating.  Once I got them to be the right size, everything connected pretty easily.  It was time to test my work by turning the water supply back on, flushing out the faucet and then filling up both bowls to make sure they held water and to see if the plumbing held up to a large amount of water being released all at once.

Hell yeah!  That is water flowing through water lines and a faucet that I attached with my own bare hands.  And look, I must have installed the drains properly because the bowls are holding the water.  Not too shabby.  And there weren’t any leaks when I was flushing the faucet without the bowl plugs either.  Woo-hoo, I rock.  All that was left to do was drain the bowls…

And then my rocking stopped.  There was a leak.  The pipe that runs sideways between the bowls was leaking at the connection point to the J-bend (which is apparently the proper name, not S bend as I said in my previous post).  Once the water was finished draining and leaking, I unhooked that connecter and then re-hooked it, tighter and more evenly the second time around. 

After I did that, I did the bowl filling experiment again and the leak was fixed.  I rocked again.  However, I’m still hesitant to believe that I did it properly all by myself and so I am waiting for something to go horribly wrong.

I should mention that Rummy volunteered to help me with the plumbing project.  And when I say “help” I mean she sat at the opening of the sink cabinet and made me work around her the whole time.  Except when I was down under the sink and she climbed on in with me and licked my face when I had my hands jammed up behind the sink working on the water supply hoses.  Very helpful indeed.  She also made sure I had fun working on the project by taking the J bend pipe and running into the dining room with it until I chased her down. 

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