West Virginia/Pennsylvania road trip…

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we had to stop working on our kitchen project to make a family visit road trip.  That was yesterday and let me tell you, it was exhausting.

We started out at 10:00 am, behind schedule by two hours because we overslept.  We drove down to West Virginia to visit with my parents and then up to Pittsburgh to visit with S’s family.  We drove a total of 411 miles in one day.  Which is not a bad mileage total if, at the end, your destination is a beach house on the Outer Banks.  But those are hard miles if you are just making and tri-state circle with two five hour stops for food and conversation.

My 93 year old grandmother is in the hospital with double pneumonia.  She is very ill and when I got to the hospital to see her she was pretty much out of it.  But I did get to visit a bit with my mother, but mostly we just talked about how my grandmother was doing.  Since we had taken both Rummy and Emma with us on the road trip, S got to hang out at my parent’s house with the dogs while I hung out at the hospital.  That was for the best because the hospital visit was emotionally draining and S needed to keep up her strength for the visit with her family.

After a couple of hours at the hospital, I went back to my parent’s house to get S, we loaded up on some coffee from Sheetz and we drove another hour and a half up to Pittsburgh.  Her entire family (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters-in-law) was able to get together for dinner, which was nice.  It was actually a better visit than we usually have over the holidays, much less pressure, I guess.  We just ate pizza and sat around and talked.  Not bad.  But we didn’t get back on the road until 10:30 pm, a half an hour behind schedule.  And we had to drive home through constant rain, which sucked.  I hate to drive in the rain.  I really hate to drive in the rain at night.  We didn’t get home until 1:30 am and by then we were exhausted.

One of the things we were dreading about the family road trip was telling S’s dad, Mr. S, that we had started our kitchen project without him.  You are going to need the background story for that explanation, so I now refer you to Renovation Tale part 1, Renovation Tale part 2, Renovation Tale part 3, Renovation Tale part 4 and Renovation Tale the final part

You see, Mr. S really wanted to “help” us with our kitchen.  He’s talked about it every time we have seen him since last March.  But neither of us wanted to let him near the kitchen after our renovation experiences with him.  But we also didn’t want to hurt his feelings by totally shutting him out.  With S’s grandparents coming up to see the house in a couple of weeks and seeing the changes to the kitchen, we also knew we had to tell Mr. S before they did or there would be some seriously hurt feelings.

So, we made up a story.  We told a bald faced lie.  We are liars.  We are the lying liars and the lies we tell.  We told Mr. S that on Wednesday, while S was at class, I had a total nutty.  I couldn’t take the ugliness of the kitchen anymore and just started to demo it.  And since I did that without thinking it out and planning it, we didn’t have time to call him to come up and help.  And that is how Stella Got Her Kitchen Groove Back.  It seemed like a plausible story to him (which makes me wonder just what her family must think of me) and so he took the renovation without him fairly well.  Thank G_d.  He did offer us some advice which also made him feel better about the two of us working on our house without him.



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