Visual “to do” list…

Here are the two pieces of wood trim that we bought at Home Despot.  Together they will make a 2 inch border to go around the edge of the counter.  I’m going to stain them the honey color that I used to stain the cabinets and then put a coat of Deft on them.  My grandmother has always sworn by Deft and I use it for finishing any and all wood projects, especially if that wood is going to be placed anywhere near water.

Yep, we still need to get rid of this abomination.  Maybe today?

That is the old outlet for a plug in kitchen clock.  I found out that it is still “hot” so I need to cap it off before I can put up S’s “Felix the Cat” clock.

At some point there was a leak under the sink and the wood is all warped down there.  While we have room to work, I’m going to replace that wood with something more stable and pretty.

And, of course, we need to grout.  While we did use a pre-mixed thinset, we are going to mix our own grout because we wanted to use colored grout and the color we wanted didn’t come pre-mixed.  We chose light grey to go with the stones.  It should also hide future discoloration, though we are going to seal it to protect it.

We were far too cheap to buy the drill attachment for mixing grout, so S is going to have to do it with pure arm strength.  Actually, I think we are both going to have to take turns mixing it, kind of like the time we made ice cream in a non-electric hand mixer.  And for the record, I was not the cheap one on this.  When I told S that the mixing attachment for the drill cost $22, she refused to buy it and said she could do it by hand.  Tomorrow morning she is going to to be in a fair amount of pain.




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