The back splash is done…

We finally got the back splash tiled!  I’m not usually one to use the exclamation point, but it has been appropriate for the past week.  I’m almost a little shocked when we get something completed.

Working with the light switch plate in the second row was somewhat tricky.  We tried it one way and it looked horrible so we pulled the tiles off and scraped the thinset off of the wall.  Our second attempt looks better but I know we could have done even better than that.  But it would have involved moving the work box that holds the light switch and outlet and that was just too much to deal with.  I’m still pleased with how it turned out.

Initially we bought seven boxes of the stone tiles that held enough tiles to cover 4 square feet eachS was the one who did the math on that one.  And she was totally close.  We lost two tiles because they just crumbled when we were handling them.  We didn’t lose any tiles to bad cuts or other mistakes (go us!).  But we ended up being four tiles short for the project, which meant we had to go back to the Home Despot.

The other day I mentioned that I actually had a pleasant experience in that store.  Well, the good times didn’t last.  When we went back for the extra tiles and a third bucket of pre-mixed thinset, it was a hellish experience.  Even though the tiles could be purchased individually for 87 cents, when we got to the check out area we were told that we couldn’t buy them individually, that we needed to buy an entire box.  S got all assertive and took care of that, which was fun to watch.  Our check out person also felt the need to convey to us just how much we were upsetting her day by having the gall to come to the store and buy things that she needed to ring up.  And her feet were hurting, which she told us, as all good employees do.  And she was a cash register moron.  I’m still not sure we didn’t get screwed on the prices of things.

We also bought two kinds of wood trim, about 17 feet of each.  We need to cover the edges of the counter since we didn’t use tiles that have bull nose edges.  And we need to cover about 2 inches but not of the trim available came in 2 inch widths.  Again, S did some of that trusty math stuff and figured out what we needed.  She is good like that.  I’ll post pictures of that later.

Once we got the very last tile up on the wall there was much celebration.  Dancing even.  That part of the project is done.  We still didn’t get to the lighting, which was to be expected after the hellish Home Despot trip that sucked the time and energy out of our work day.


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