The Back Splash, part one…


Let me start by saying that we didn’t get a whole lot done yesterday.

But I did get to use my new wet saw.  It is the $88 saw from Home Despot (WorkForce is the brand name) and even though it is little and cheap, it works great.  No problems at all cutting through stone.  And it claims to be able to cut through materials up to 1 and a half inches thick, which I haven’t tried, but I kind of believe it can.  It is also really easy to use right out of the box.  I love it.  In fact, I would saw it is my favorite saw out of all of the saws I have used on this project.   This is probably going to be some sort of stereotypical statement, so beware.  I think that table saws are easier for women to use.  You have more control with a table saw and they don’t require as much arm and upper body strength to use.  My next power tool wish list item is a wood cutting table saw.

We did finish up with tiling the counter.  Lots of cutting for the tiles around the sink.  Before we stuck them down though we did another dry fitting of the sink just to make sure the opening is still wide enough.  It is.  But now we have a new problem.  The sink mounting clips are designed to fit a standard counter.  Our new counter is pretty thick with the plywood, cement board and tiles.  The mounting clips won’t reach from where they attach to the sink to anything. 

I did some looking on the internet and an answer to our problem was not readily available.  Though I did read one website that said that European counters are thicker than most others and have problems with standard sink mounting clips.  That site advised that a router should be used to make new attachment areas in the rim of the counter.  But I don’t have a router.   So, I’m going to try to figure out where the sink can attach and then use some sort of tool to dig out enough material to attach the clips.  I don’t know if that is going to work.

The sink problem caused us to stumble in our working time line, which S took as an opportunity to ditch work to go play her new saxophone.  I began the really quite horrible task of sorting through the remaining rough stones and washing them.  The rougher stones are tricky because they have a tendency to crack or scale off chunks.  If I were a geologist I might have a better vocabulary for describing that, but no.  I also paid very little attention to the happenings in 8th grade Earth Science, which is why I had to repeat that class my Junior year of high school even though I was also taking AP Biology and Honors Genetics, which was embarrassing.

Because we wasted so much of the day with problems, S’s evening class, the saxophone and an endless phone conversation with my mother, we only got the basic design of the back splash figured out and the first row cut and in place.  We are doing the simple off-setting thing for the design and we have six cool tiles picked to be the focal point above the sink area.

We didn’t do anything about the under-cabinet light yet.  By the time we even got to that point, it was dark out and shutting of the electric in the kitchen to do the project would have had us working in the dark.  Not good when doing electrical work, I’ve found.  I really am hoping that we get to it today.  But I have just about given up on my time line.  Thankfully we were able to reschedule our family road trip until tomorrow, so we do have today to work on the project.

My ever-fading hopes for the day:  Back splash completed, new light fixture hung and wired…


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