Dear Post Office Worker…


I’m not sure whether or not you know it, but this house is under construction.  We’re working on a project and we have a time line that is always in danger of getting off course.  So, perhaps you will understand when I do not thank you for carting that big, heavy box up our long driveway and leaving it on the porch yesterday morning.  That box smashed my time line.  That box ruined all of my carefully drawn up plans.  And since you are the one who delivered it, earlier than usual I must say, I blame you.

Don’t get me wrong, I also blame the guy from E-Bay who sent the box.  Seriously, I can’t send a normal letter to my parents house, which is three hours away, in less than five days, but the E-Bay guy can send a ginormous package out on a Monday and get it here early on Wednesday!?!  Come on…  That is just wrong.

No, I am not going to blame S for ordering the damn thing.  She deserves to have a saxophone even though she hasn’t played one in over 12 years and isn’t in a band or even a jam group.  I am just going to blame the Post Office, generally, and you, specifically, for bringing it to the house and thus ruining what could have been a good days work.

Do not expect a tip next Christmas.



Post Script:

I’d also like to mention that you didn’t bring my last big box of books until late afternoon, long after I had stopped looking out for the mail, so I didn’t get them until the next morning.

3 Responses

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  2. […] Another cool thing about the weekend visit — Luci brought S a guitar.  Some boyfriend from college had given it to her and she never learned to play and hadn’t touched the thing in years.  Since S has been getting all musical lately, Luci thought S should have the guitar.  […]

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