Project costs…

Last year when we bought the house and started doing renovations, I have saved every receipt.  I want to know, when we finally close the books, just how much we have spent.  For the bathroom remodel (which I will post pictures of one day) we spent about $2,000.  Not bad, really.

For the kitchen project, we seem to be spending less.  Mostly because we didn’t buy new cabinets, which would have been about $800 if we replaced them in the same configuration they are now and used the stock cabinets that they carry at Home Despot.  We also aren’t replacing the appliances just yet.  We want new ones, but they aren’t in the budget for now.  And when we do get them, we’ll probably buy a stove one year and a fridge the next so as not to put ourselves in debt.  We aren’t paying for any of our remodeling with credit, which I think is a good thing, but keeps us from being able to do everything at one time.  We’d much rather pay for things now than pay for them later with interest.

Anyway, here are some numbers so far:  We bought the kitchen faucet last year and it was an expensive model on close out, so we got it for a mere $45.  We bought the tumbled stone tiles last summer and we spent about $200 on enough to do the counter and the back splash. 

I’m not counting all of the tools we have bought in the past year as a cost of the remodel because we need the tools in general.  But, project specific tools, like the tile saw and the reciprocating saw do count.  Saw costs so far, $140.00.

Tools needed specifically for doing the tile work: $75.00.

Plumbing parts: $10.00 (so far)

Caulk supplies: $10.00

Sink + Drains: $111.00

Plywood + Cement board: $74.00.

Kitchen Light Fixtures: $70.00

All of which total about $735.00.  We’ll spend about another $350 on floor tilesthis summer, but that will be for both the kitchen and the laundry room.  And we’ll probably spend another $100 on wood baseboard for the kitchen after we get the floor in.  So it seems like we will have the kitchen pretty much done for under $2500, which is great.  Even adding in new appliances, it is still going to be under $4000 total.  The best part being that we’ll have the kitchen that we want and we won’t be broke when it is all done.


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