Guess who screwed up…

 Not me!!!

One of my many flaws is my inability to properly measure things, which is well documented here S, on the other hand is quite good at the measuring of all things.  She tends to tease me about this, which is one of her few flaws. 

Last night I asked her to measure the cargo area of the Chevy Equinox so that I could figure out how to have the Home Despot people cut our plywood so that it would still be usable but we would be able to get it home without renting a truck.  She went outside, measured and then returned with her report.  Because she is a good at the measurements thing, I did not question what she said.  When we were in line at the wood shop to get the wood cut, she told the oddly helpful Home Despot worker that she just wanted 3 feet cut off the ends of each piece of plywood.  I butted in and said, “I thought we were going to have it cut in half, down the middle long ways so that we can get it into the car.”  She gave me a sympathetic smile as if she were about to pat me on the head, “No.  I measured it and we just need length cut off the ends.”   I trusted her and went off to gather a trowel and grout float.

We met up after the wood was cut and checked out.  I have to remark on how pain free this trip to Home Despot was.  Usually I would rather stick forks in my eyes than shop there, but today it was not so bad.  Anyway, we wheeled our goods out to the car and I set about lifting the cement boards into the cargo area.  They fit perfectly.  I then put the two small ends of plywood into the car on an angle.  Finally, I heaved a heavy piece of plywood up to the cargo area but it jammed against the roof of the car.  I turned it on an angle and it jammed against several sides of the car.  I tried two more things until it became clear that it wasn’t going to fit.

Me:  Um, I thought you measured.

S:  I did.  I measured the width of the back seat.

Me:  But it’s not as wide at the back as it is at the seat.  Tire wells and what-not.

S:  I see that.

Me:  So you measured wrong.

S:  No, I had the right measurements.

Me:  But not the right measurement for getting it into the car.

S:  It would fit in the back seat.

Me:  But we couldn’t get it into the back seat.  See what I’m saying?  You measured wrong.

S: No.  My measurements were fine.

So I sent her back into the store for some rope and we ended up heaving the plywood up onto the ski racks and tying it down.  Luckily we live less than a mile from the Home Despot and it is all side streets, so there were no plywood incidents on the way home.

Now we have all of the supplies to being rebuilding what we took apart last night.


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