Building the counter, part 1…


Before we could get started last night, S had to climb in behind the Lazy Susan to clear out the 1950’s debris and make some minor repairs.  She is a whiz with a caulk gun and a tube of Liquid Nails.

For the counter building materials we are using just plain old 3/4 inch plywood that cost about $22 per sheet.  We attached it to the base cabinets using liquid nails and 1 and 1/2 inch wood screws.  Next will come a layer of latex based adhesive mastic, applied with a 1/4 inch trowel.  We’ll lay the cement board over that.  We’re using a cement board that contains no gypsum because it look like it would be easier to deal with than the usual cement board.  It cost about $11 persheet, which is $2 more than the usual cement board.  Essentially I am just following the directions of this website.  We started cutting the cement board late last night and we were too exhausted to do it properly so we went to bed instead. 

Once we got our measurements down, we cut the plywood and put it into its proper place on the counter.  That part wasn’t too bad.  And if we just stopped the project right now, it is already a 100% improvement over what the kitchen looked like before.  After we had the plywood dry fitted, I got out the shiny new sink and we figured out it’s placement.  And then we followed the directions from this website on how to measure for cutting the sink hole

We flipped the sink upside down and traced all around it.  Then we measured inside the trace line for 3/4″ all the way around but 1″ at the corners.  Seemed right.  Followed the directions.  We even checked the directions from the actual sink and they were similar.  So I drilled a hole in one corner, which took forever because it smelled like burning wood and even smoked a bit and I had to keep stopping because I thought the wood was about to combust, but it didn’t.  Once I had my started hole I whipped out the jigsaw and started to cut.  Let me tell you how sweet my corners were…  Beautiful.  Once the center dropped out, we tried to fit the sink down in the hole.

 Didn’t fit.  Too small. On HGTV, the sink always fits after the first cutting attempt.  So we made some more marks and cut some more.  Then we put the sink in and it didn’t fit.  So we made some more marks and cut some more.  By this time my beautiful corners were looking a little jagged.  We put the sink in and it didn’t fit.  So we made some more marks and cut some more.  Again, we put the sink in and it didn’t fit.  It mostly fit but not all the way in.  So we made some more marks and cut some more.  Finally,about the same time I decided I didn’t even want a sink in the kitchen anymore, the sink fit into the hole like a ragged little glove.  It’s not pretty, but it fits.  Hey, HGTV, I hate you people!

If cutting the sink hole hadn’t taken so long we would have gotten more done last night.  We even skipped dinner, thinking that we would be done with the counter foundation in time to hit the Wendy’s drive thru before it closed.  But no.  We missed their midnight closing by two hours.  We went to bed hungry, exhausted and a little defeated.  If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have started that part of the project at 9:00 pm.  I would have taken a dinner break.  I would have stopped working at 11:00 pm before the sillies kicked in.  But we were both too excited to wait and too excited to stop.

There is quite a bit of saw dust mess to clean up today before we get started again.  We over estimated on how much plywood we would need, so now I have plenty of extra wood to make some shelves for our bathroom closet.  That’s good.  We did all of the cutting in the actual kitchen, which confined the mess, but the dogs managed to get saw dust all over themselves and then they tracked it all over the house.  When the project is totally done, I am going to have to do a whole house cleaning.

My hopes for today:  Get the cement board cut and in place. Start tiling the counter top and maybe make it through the back splash.  However, we are not working past 11:00 tonight, no matter what.  And we are going to eat some food today.


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