Waiting for the after…

Last Sunday I posted about our planned kitchen remodel.  I said that some such project would be history “by this time next Sunday“.  I’m pretty sure that it is now this time next Sunday, but the project hasn’t gotten started.  You see, S is an Olympic qualifying sleeper.  She could win awards for sleeping if such awards were ever given.  She can sleep through anything.  Seriously, right now both dogs are up in the bedroom having an epic barking battle right near S’s ear and she is still sound asleep.

I try not to begrudge her the whole sleeping thing.  She gets up early five days a week and works really hard all day long.  This week was especially tough so she deserves the sleep and rest.  I would have started tearing apart the kitchen Friday as soon as she got home from work, but she was drained.  Yesterday I was up early (like always) checking the prices of things we need at Lowe’s.  But when S finally got out of bed, I could tell she needed a day to collect herself.  Fine.  No problem.  We can hunt and gather our supplies Sunday morning and begin the demo Sunday afternoon.  Right?

Well, it’s 10:45 am and there are no signs that S is going to be awake before noon.  I’ve got my list ready and I could go without her, but her feelings would be hurt.  Besides, I kind of need her to do the question asking about a couple of things (sink parts and a hardwired under cabinet light).  I don’t do well with the whole asking for help thing.  I recognize that I need help, but would rather leave the store empty handed than ask for help.  I have problems.

We have eight days to work on this project.  There are times when we will work on something and then have to let it sit for 24 hours before we can finish them.  I am concerned about time constraints because S still has her college classes two evenings this week and she wants us to drive to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to see our families one day this week.  I don’t know… 

I fear that we are never actually going to get started at all.  Or that we will get started and run out of time during the break and then I am going to have to ask her to work on finishing it next week when she is back at work.  But I’ll feel bad about asking her to help with the plumbing or some such thing after she has had a grueling day in the salt mines, so I’ll put it off and we won’t have a working sink for another week.

Which brings me to another point… I think that the water that comes out of the faucet in the bathrooms tastes different than the water in the kitchen faucet.  Always have.  But it’s the same water, right?  So it’s just my imagination?  I have not sipped any water that comes out of the utility sink faucet in the laundry room, but I’m betting that when I do, I’ll think it tastes weird.  But that is going to be our default kitchen sink once the demo begins.  I’m not thrilled about the idea of my water, coffee and sweet tea are going to taste weird for a week or more.  Which is probably why I am so desperate to get this project started.

Well, that and the fact that S’s grandparents are coming up to see the house for the first time at the end of April.  They didn’t see it before we started working on it, so I shouldn’t feel a lot of pressure to impress them with all the work that we have done, but I do.  I want the kitchen completed before they arrive.  I wish we had the time and the money to do the floor tiling in the kitchen/laundry room before they get here, but we don’t.  The yard looks like Hell from a long winter’s neglectand I’m going to want to spruce that up for them.  I just want everything to look nice so that S will be proud to show it off to them.  They are lovely people and she really cares a great deal about their opinion.  I want them to be impressed by where she lives.


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