I believe it is an absolute crime that the television series “thirty-something” has not been released on dvd.

When the show made its debut in 1987, I was only 14, but I watched it every single week.  Not only that, but I watched it with my mother.  We bonded over the show about thirty-something yuppies even though I was in my teens and she was in her fifties.  The stories were often great.  The acting was always superb.  The music was perfect.  The characters were engaging.  At the time, there were no better characters on television than Michael & Hope, Nancy & Elliot, Mellisa & Gary and Ellyn. 

It is a crime that right now I could buy the entire series of That 70’s Show or Stargate Atlantis but not thirty-something.  Seriously, how can that be?  What is the hold up?  It’s kind of like waiting for all of the Kennedy assassination papers to be released.  It’s not fair.


3 Responses

  1. Even Hazel is on DVD.
    That fact infuriates me…
    There’s talk that Ken Olin (Michael) owns the rights and will not publish.
    Rumor say its about money or a feud he had with creators Herskovitz nd Zwick about creative differences.
    I’d hate to think it was only about money. He would make a killing with its release.
    I loved this show, and still do when I can find the copies.
    We fans should start a huge email/snail mail campaign.
    Ken has said in interviews that he prefers to be behind the camera.
    He, Ken Olin, produces Beothers and Sisters. His wife, Patricia Wettig (Nancy from 30something) is also on the show.
    Let’s get this released!

  2. I’m with you.

    This is the number to call at MGM to ask them to release thirtysomething on DVD. It’s a toll free number in Canada and the US: 1-888-223-2369.

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