Random thoughts…

I get a couple of search engine hits a week.  The most frequent search term is “executive branch enforces” which brings searchers to this post: The Executive Branch Enforces The Laws…  I was writing about a little news story out of Vermont, which I thought was funny but not a big deal.  And now it has become my most viewed post.  Who knew?

If the Hollywood environmentalists really want to save the planet, why don’t they pool their money together to buy new Hybrid cars or even new Honda Civics for all the low income people in America who are driving around in old cars?  You know the ones, usually Buick LeSabres from the late 70’s, early 80’s that tool around in a thick plume of dark colored exhaust.  Sure, SUV’s seem like a good enemy, but isn’t it more likely that the old, crappy cars are doing the most damage.  Buying new, fuel efficient cars for the poor would help cut down our dependence on oil, cut planet killing emissions and would help some needy families have reliable transportation.

Our backyard has become Mecca for little dogs who’ve made a break for it.  There is a little, old Scotty dog who lives across the street from us and he finds himself drawn to our yard about twice a day.  He seems to enjoy defecating in our yard and then marking everything in it (lawn chairs, the fire pit, our car) as his territory.  I’ve nicknamed him Colonel Mustard though I believe his name is something like Clarence.  A few minutes ago there was a tiny Jack Russell Terrier in the yard.  Kind of cute with his grey and white markings.  He may not have been a Jack Russell, but he looked like one.  The bad thing is that he decided to enter our yard while Rummy was out there keeping watch for squirrels and mice.  Thankfully he was smart enough to stay beyond her chain reach or it wouldn’t have been pretty.  I’ve seen what Rumsfeld can do to skunks… I shudder at the thought of what she could do to a dog the size of a skunk.  Don’t worry, I brought her in as soon as I saw him and now he is in the next yard over harassing bunnies.  Rummy is running around, crazed trying to see him through the various windows.

We also host cats on the lam.  There is a little black cat that we first noticed last winter when he was just a little black kitten.  He won’t come close enough to us to capture him.  But I have named him Thomas and I like to keep an eye on him.  Then there is Chopstick (again, a name I chose) who looks like he might be Siamese.   He started showing up last October and at first he was an insanely huge, fat cat.  Obviously someones pet.  He has since lost some weight but still a hefty cat.  I reported him on our city’s lost pet website but so far, no calls.  He’s skittish too.  He sleeps with our garden gnome under the front pine tree, but he scatters as soon as either of us try to get close.  He does seem to enjoy taunting Rummy by walking back and forth in the yard just beyond the reach of her chain.

In case you are wondering, if we actually captured either of the cats, we would take them to the animal shelter.  We are both allergic.  And we don’t so much like cats.

We have this friend who can’t resist taking in stray pets.  She used to have two dogs and one cat but now she has a menagerie.  At last count, she is up to six dogs and four cats.  Her house is an asylum.  And she feeds the animals real food in addition to pet food.  Every other day she grills up several packages of hot dogs and hamburgers to give out as treats.  At first it was funny but then I started thinking it was kind of sad.  I’m waiting for the day when she is marched out of her house in cuffs by Animal Control who will then discover that there are hundreds of cats and dogs in her house.

I was King of the World the other day.  I had saved up my Giant Eagle Fuel Perks points for months and when I filled up my car on Sunday I got gas for $1.67 per gallon.  I almost wished the car had a bigger tank so that I could buy more than 16 gallons

S drove herself to work this morning.  She has a meeting that she has to go to this afternoon so it made sense.  The thing is, I missed our little morning drive together.  And I am going to miss getting to see her in the middle of a long day apart.  Even when she has class after work, we have a thirty minute drive together where I can hear all about her day and usually I take her a mug of coffee and a snack.  It makes the long days bearable.

Not that long ago I posted that I didn’t care if the Writers’ Strike ever ended.  And at that time I didn’t care about the new season of “Lost“.  But I have to say that this season has been much better than I expected.  I don’t count down the minutes waiting for it to begin or anything, but I don’t feel like I am suffering while watching it anymore.  And I feel vindicated because I have said all along that the Juliet character is good and kind.  S has maintained that Juliet is evil.  But it turns out (so far) that I am right and she is wrong.

Okay, I think I’m done for now.


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