S, as I have mentioned is a very smart girl.  But I was just sitting here thinking about some of the cute things she does that keep me from being totally intimidated by her intelligence.

When we go down into southern West Virginia, near where my brother DK lives, there are lots of road signs that stump her.  There is one the points to the direction for an interstate that will take you to Gallipolis, OH, where you can still see the wreckage of the Silver Bridge from the Mothman Prophecies.  That alone scares the crap out of her.  But the cute thing is that she pronounces Gallipolis as “Ga-lop-o-lis” as if it were from a Superman comic or a Darwin exploration.  It is actually pronounced “Gala-po-lis” and usually said really fast by the natives.

My brother lives in Kanawha County along the Kanawha River.  This one tickles me the most in that S repeatedly pronounces it “can-a-wah-ha” no matter how hard she tries.  It is actually pronounced “ka-nah-ah” which sounds silly enough, really.  Though, most of the die-hard, West-by-G_d-Virginians pronounce it “kuh-naw“. 

Yes, I actually giggle over these kinds of things.  And I am not, by nature, one who giggles. 

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