Call this one “Before”…


This is the kitchen that we have been living with for the past year.  And let me tell you, there is not enough bleach or anti-bacterial cleaner in the world to make me happy.  But soon, very soon, all of this will be but a distant memory.  S only has five more teaching days before Spring Break and that is when we will start our next project.

See that back-splash with the exposed lightbulb hanging dangerously above the place where I use water to wash dishes?  It will be replaced with a tumbled stone back-splash and a fancy new light fixture.

See that sink that probably isn’t original to the house but sure seems like it is?  Originally I thought I could clean it up and salvage it because it suits the house so well.  I have given up that idea.  There are too many deep scratches to make it affordable to re-glaze.  Right now it is a petri dish just waiting for the right moment to poison us all.  But it will be replaced too, and it will have the most adorable faucet, which I purchased a year ago.  With a spray hose, which you don’t know how much you miss until you don’t have one.

See that hideously ugly counter?  Yep, that is going to be history by this time next Sunday.  In its place will be a counter that we are building with plywood, cement board and tumbled stone.  This has been a bit of a contentious area as S’s family is all about tiled counters and my family is all about solid, preferably granite, counters.  We can’t even talk about the kitchen to either side because we can’t stand the arguing anymore.  Besides, granite isn’t in the budget and neither of us is all that crazy about it anyway.  If I were really brave, I would try to build my own cement counter but I have read that it is very difficult and can be screwed up easily.  I also fancy those science lab counters but they, too, are expensive.

Now, on to the bane of my existence.  That cutting board is built in to the counter.  I’m sure it seemed like a great idea to the person that made the decision, but in actuality, it sucks.  It is coated in grease and I have tried five different de-greasers on it.  Two of them actually made the skin on my fingers peel off.  But the grease remained.  It may have even multiplied just to spite me.  Seriously, I talk to the thing and tell it daily how much I hate it and how much it grosses me out.  As you will see in the next picture, if you lift up the cutting board there is a whole eco system at work under there.  I cannot wait to kill it.  I may take it out to our fire pit and set it on fire.  Or not.  I just had a flash of huge flames from the grease and a visit from the local fire department.  Nope, not going to set it on fire.

Needless to say, we are not going to replace the cutting board with another built in cutting board.  That would just be silly.  It will just be nice to have use of that valuable counter space because it is unusable now.


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