The Asylum…

My father’s youngest sister is schizophrenic.  She was diagnosed in the early 1970’s back when there wasn’t as much known about the condition as there is today.  She lived with my grandparents into adulthood but from time to time they would have to have her hospitalized

I’m not sure what the total length of time was that she spent in the Weston State Hospital, I just know that she was there a lot.  She frightened the hell out of me as a child.  She was very scary.  Once, when I was really little she became convinced that I was possessed and tried to shove me out of a moving car.  So really, when I went to visit my grandparents and she wasn’t there, it was a much better and safer visit for me.  When she wasn’t hospitalized, you couldn’t sleep in my grandparent’s house without pushing the heavy dresser in front of the guest room door.

Today I cam across a news item on Drudge about the hospital.  It has been sold to a family who intends to use it in various ways that seem somewhat exploitative of the hospital’s history.  I tried to work up some offense but mostly I am happy this historic building isn’t going to be left to fall into ruin.

Both of my father’s parents are long since dead and my aunt has disappeared.  It was very difficult to get her put into a mental health facility involuntarily and none of the remaining family members were able or willing to take care of her.  That’s a shame because there was plenty of money left specifically for her continued care, whatever the need.  The last any of us knew, she was living under a bridge in Point Pleasant, WV, but nobody seems to know where she is now.


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